We Manage the Big Picture:

Synchronizing team skills in the project development process will help your decision making, thereby increasing your success rate.

Halquist Companies

Halquist Companies provides a wide range of complementary project support and management services. Our expertise is not limited by specific skill sets and therefore we can “cross pollenate” between constructability and feasibility, financial and marketability to provide a thorough and accurate big picture. Careful and thorough planning from inception is just as critical as designing and building a solid foundation for any structure.

Details that are quite often overlooked, ignored or not available to all team members can doom a project from the start.  Critical factors, though not “deal killers”, identified by one consultant but not shared, could spell disaster to another “team” consultant. With the risks in todays market, you should be sure your team is not the source of additional risks.

Opportunities left unchecked can leave money on the table or even doom a potentially successful venture.

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Halquist Companies


Colorado Arizona
1957 20th Street 6055 E Dynamite Blvd
Boulder,CO 80302 Cave Creek, AZ 85331

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